Details of the foals we have bred since 1989, prior to that the horses were arabian bloodlines.  Since then, most of the foals we have bred are Trakehner, with a few thoroughbreds and anglo arabs purpose bred for eventing.

We look forward to many more beautiful Trakehner foals on the ground this year, and for many years to come! 

Click on the subdirectories on the menu on the left, or on the photos below, to view each of the foals that we have bred.

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Title Author Hits
TL Lorenzo 7654
Alkirbe Dream 7930
Elan 9311
Alexander Park Zarina 9657
Alexander Park Zulema 9038
Alexander Park Aristocrat 10352
AP Moravian Symphony 9993
Alexander Park Schatzbury 12862
Alexander Park Indian Summer 10118
Alexander Park Phoenix 10243