Foals in Utero Information

Purchasing a foal In Utero

Many people would love to own a warmblood, but may not be able to afford one. Because of this, we are offer you the opportunity to purchase one of our foals In utero. This will give you your best saving.


  • You can obtain a high quality foal for considerably less than you would otherwise be able to.
  • You don't have the regular costs of breeding your own mare.
  • Many times you can get a better quality foal than you may be able to get otherwise because of price of foal already on the ground.
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Here are some the questions we are asked about our In Utero program:

Q - What does purchasing in utero mean?
A - To purchase one of our foals in utero means, the foal is paid for in full before it is born. We do not guarantee sex or color.

Q - What is the price before and after?
A - In Utero Price for one of our foals is $6,500.00. Because the foal is sold before it is born, we have marked it down considerably. To give you some idea of the average starting price of a one of our warmbloods after it is born is about:

Colts at birth $8,000 Fillies at birth $9,000
Yearling geldings $9,500 Yearling fillies $11,000
2yo geldings $11,000 2 yo fillies $14,000

However keep in mind conformation, movement, and temperament have not been factored in so it could be much higher.

Q - Can we make payments?
A - The foal, but it has to be paid in full by the date we have agreed upon in our In utero purchase agreement. This is about 3 weeks before the birth. How you choose to pay by the month or bi-monthly or the full balance by the agreed date it up to you. But it has to paid in full by that agreed date.

Example: Payment Chart for purchase of In-Utero Foals

Months into Pregnancy Monthly Payment until foaling Weekly Payment until foaling
Price of Foal in-utero $6,500 $6,500
Deposit $500 $500
$ Approx. rounded    
1 (14 mo. of payments) $428 $100


Availability of mares;

Follow this link for details on the foals available. Foals Available If you would like to use a different stallion please call us to discuss.

There is a link to the In-Utero Purchase Agreement on our downloads page. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss the terms and conditions of the contract.