T7A1 Kassandra

T7A1 Kassandra:
Stallions from this branch include Kassius, Kastilio, Kassiber, Kaspareit and Kostolany

The origin of the T7A1 line of Kassandra is T7A Kassette, a grey mare by Harun al Raschid Ar out of Kasematte by Flieder from the main stud Trakehnen, who was ont eh trek and ended up in the Verband-owned stud farm Rantzau. The line can be traced back to the mare Kleeblatt, who was born in 1780! The well known main stud farm families of Corvette and of Kokette both also go back to Kleeblatt.

Kassandra, Kassette's daughter, produced 12 foals in her life, 10 of them sired by the legendary Impuls. Her foals include the approved stallions stallions Kadett, Kapitän, Kanzler, Karneol, Kassius and the Olympic horse Kassim. Her daughter Kantate gained influence in North America (approved stallions König, Khalif). Other representatives of this particular branch include the Inter I winner Kira K (mare by EH Banditentraum), the approved Kasparow (by EH Sixtus) and the Grand Prix dressage horse Kevin (by EH Herzruf), among a collection of premium, and elite mares in Germany.

The next filly Kassandra had was Kassia, dam of Kaspar and Kassio. The latter was the most important son of the legendary Abglanz in the Trakehner breed, and sired the approved sons Gelria (VERY good stallion!), Griset, Gregor and Grimsel, all 4 full brothers out of the DLG champion mare Griseldis by Pindar xx; he also sired the approved Aktuell (sire of GP dressage horse Fendi), Scharnhorst (GO dressage stallion, later in the US), Leibjäger, and Waldzauber, a highly versatile stallion (sire of I. Klimke's CCI*** eventer and Inter II dressage horse Pinto, and also of the stallion line via Arsenal-Camelot-Gipsy King-Manrico (Ingter I) and United Kingdom (young premium stallion). Gipsy King is currently the Trakehner stallion with the highest overall breed index, he has sired S winner in dressage and show jumping.

Next was Kassandra's daughter Kassiopeia for the Hämelschenburg Stud in Germany, who is the dam of your Kassiber, as well as Kastilio and Katapult, two S dressage stallions in Germany and in the case of Kastilio, later in the US. Kassiopei's daughter Kleopatra II produced the Grand Prix stallions Kleostro (by Herzbube) and Kadre Noir (by Upan la Jarthe AA).

Kassandra's daughter Karavelle is dam of Katanga, dam of the impeccable Kiebitz (sire of EH Banditentraum), and the Kassandra's daughter Kaprice had two very good daughters: Kapriziöse is dam of the approved Kaspareit (USA) and Kapuccino (both by Mozart); and Karben is dam of Karon (sire of EH Caprimond, Beaujolais, Schampus and Gadsby), and dam of Kapstadt by Falke, who produced Kostolany. Karben's daughter Kassuben finally produced Kapriolan F, a Grand Prix stallion in Germany.

The T7A2 family of Allah, a daughter of Karia (by Ernest out of Kassette), is exclusively bred in the US. Allah produced Arianna (by Händel), who in turn produced the mare Arabeske (by Abdullah). The 1985 born ATA approved stallion Advokate (by Graditz) is a son of Arabeske and the only active stallion in the ATA from that particular branch of Kassette’s big family. Allah also produced the 1975 born stallion Karat (by Antares), who appears as sire of Zarenkind in the pedigree of the ATA approved stallion Zeus MV (by Nemo).

Together with the legendary Totilas, Kassette produced the mare Kaskade, who in turn produced another foundation mare of the Kassette family, Kanzel (by Wanderfalk xx), who was born in 1959 and her family carries the appendix T7A3. She is dam of the approved stallions Kandidat, Kalluster (ATA) and Kaiserwalzer (by EH Consul, a CIC*** eventer, now in Spain).

Last but not least, there is the T7A4 family, founded by Kantilene (by Traumgeist xx), a daughter of Kassette’s daughter Kasavit (by Aquavit). Kantilene was owned by Dr. Walter Rumpf of the famous, but no longer existing Biebertal stud in Germany. Here, this particular branch of Kassette’s family was taken care of for a very long and successful time. When the Biebertal stud was closed in the late 80s, Ulrich and Inge Wöhrl of Brettachtal were able to buy a couple of these famous mares and today, are breeding Trakehner horses almost exclusivly from this family. In 1968, Karneval was born, a daughter of Kantilene and Frohsinn. Most people know her as dam of Karawane II (by Flaneur), who in turn produced the ATA approved stallion Kantor II (by Erzsand). Kantor II died in early 2000. Karawane II was the National Champion Trakehner mare of all ages in 1982, an event taking place every 7 years. And what a big surprise was the next National mare show in 1989, where another of Biebertal’s mares won the title: the bay elite mare Kalinka XV by Mahagoni (out of Katinka III by Frohsinn), one of the highest registered mares in the breed. Kalinka XV was dam of the Verband premium mare Kateja (by Inschallah AA), who produced two approved sons for her owners, the Wöhrl family: Key West (by Stradivari) and his full brother, the 2001 NMS champion stallion K2.
A full sister to Karneval was Karoline II by Frohsinn, herself dam of the Mahagoni-daughter Kalahari, dam of the approved Kantadou by Beg xx.
Another match of Erzsand and Frohsinn produced Karla III, dam of the elite mare Kandida III, an impressive gray Mahagoni daughter. She just recently had her first son approved, the bay Kaiser Wilhelm (by EH Lehndorffs), who was approved in Germany in 1999 and sold at the elite auction in Medingen in 2000 for over 200.000DM to Denmark. A full sister to Karawane II was Karawane, dam of the elite mare Karavelle III (by Donauwind). She is dam of the international show jumper Keep Smiling (by EH Sokrates).
Another Vollkorn xx-son out of this mare family, the approved Karo As, is back in the pedigrees of two young stallions: Karo As‘ daughter Fliederblüte produced the approved gray stallion Fliedergeist (by Herladik xx; already deceased) and another daughter of Karo As is the dam of the approved Connery by Buddenbrock, one of the most outstanding stallions in Neumünster 2000.

This family is represented at Alexander Park by the mare Alexander Park Applause, by Sponeck, who is a son of Kassiber.