Kassiber, Sponeck’s sire was a top-level competitor – representing Germany on their European 3DE team and winning the Australian One Day Event Championship shortly after his arrival in Australia. Kassiber has produced many of the cream of Australia’s dressage horses.

Samantha, a foundation member of the famous S line imported from Germany, compliments the outstanding qualities of Kassiber and produced Kwobinyarn Sponeck who has continued the families tradition of winning by successfully competing in conformation classes as have his progeny.  She is the dam of APH Simone (Heidelberg) a prolific producer.

Sponeck was shown very successfully in hand in Western Australia – becoming Champion at each of his appearances at the Autumn Horse Show, the All Breeds Show and the top agricultural show, Swan View.

His progeny include, Kwobinyarn Murmur and Kwobinyarn Pipette, both admired by dressage riders whenever they compete. Kwobinyarn Sport and Kwobinyarn Privilege and Kwobinyarn Blackjack are in training with Mr Tony James – Tony has won the Australian Pairs driving championship several times and is delighted with the trainability and class of these two young champions.  Alexander Park Applause has excelled in the sport of eventing and dressage.

Sponeck now has progeny competing successfully in dressage, harness, show classes, adult riding activities, show jumping, eventing and pony club, thus acknowledging the versatility, trainability and quality of these horses.




stallion 1971 chestnut 1.63m
lic: Trakehner


Trakehner 90027567
1967 brown 1.68m
lic: Trakehner


1963 darkbrown
lic: Trakehner


Trakehner 90248100 elite
1960 chestnut 1.65m

E.St. Kassiopeia

Trakehner 2223 staatspremie elite
1959 chestnut 1.60m


Trakehner 90011253
1953 brown 1.64m
lic: Trakehner


Trakehner 090123547
1947 chestnut 1.50m


brown mare

Wie Ibikus

Trakehner 090122874
stallion 1974
lic: Trakehner


Trakehner 90027567
1967 brown 1.68m
lic: Trakehner


Trakehner 090367200
1966 darkbrown



Makuba XX

stallion 1956 brown
lic: Thoroughbred




Elegance and expression, perfect harmony of all three body parts, impressive and correct gaits.  He is "a stallion as you wish for - uncomplicated, elegant, and eager to please with a tremendous work ethic."  In 2013, Marseille competed in five riding horse competitions (3- to 4-year-olds), placing in all with three firsts and a Championship.  He completed his 30-Day Stallion Test, earning the highest score of all Trakehner stallions in Germany for 2013, including two 10's.

His sire, Prince Patmos, was the highest priced and Reserve Champion Stallion in Neumünster 2008. His Granddam is one of the last living Donauwind daughters. The illustrious EH Gribaldi is his Dam's Grandsire. His Dam line has produced Grand Prix Horses and Licensed Stallions: Mahon, Maiklang, Maizauber, Meilenstein, Mohammed and Namur.

Marseille is a large framed, impressive stallion in all aspects of his conformation with a harmonious profile in carriage - blessed with enormous elasticity, movement with alignment, amplitude and balance particularly in his ground-covering walk and uphill canter.  Not only has the Dressage discipline been laid into his cradle, but at the jump, Marseille knows to convince breeders with his phenomenal technique. In his free-jumping he shows himself with exceptional manners and tremendous jumping talent, demonstrating scope and preview.

The Trakehner Verband Breed Director Lars Gehrmann describes him at his Licensing as "impressive, harmonious and well balanced, signifigant towards his total grading as a breeding stallion."  Marseille has been contracted to Landgestüt Zweibrücken, he has been in training with Dorothea Schneider (Olympic Silver Dressage) ridden by Natalia Cherevishnya (UKR). Marseille has the honor of Licensing with PRSP (RPSI and all Southern German Breed Registries) and in 2013 competed in five Riding Horse Competitions (3-4 year old's), he was placed in all, three firsts and a Championship.

Marseille completed his 30 Day Stallion Test, earning the highest score of all Trakehner stallions tests in Germany for 2013, including two 10's. Marseille has bred a "bakers dozen" for 2014 and we eagerly anticipate his foals of Trakehner and other registries.  Born in Denmark, he is licensed in Germany and owned in the USA.  Trakehner Verband Licensed, RPSI and all S. German Warmblood Breeds



 Prince Patmos


  Patmos TRK-DE-00-CH   Friedensfürst TRK-DE-MAY-90-CH Rondo Schabernack
Frieda III Gelria
Pamir II TRK-DE-95-CH Lehndorff's Marduc
Legende IX
Patna Sterndeuter
Princie Diamond TRK-DE-94-DBR   Kostolany TRK-DE-DEC-84-BK Enrico Caruso Mahagoni
Kapstadt Falke
Pari TRK-DE-88-DB Argument Ordensglanz
Piroschka XIII Garamond

Mireille Mathieu


Cosmir TRK-DK-02-BR   Gribaldi TRK-DE-MAY-93-BK Kostolany Enrico Caruso  
Gondola II Ibikus  
Gloria VI  
Chaqueta Al Ziyadah AAR-DK-91-GR Artaxerxes Amor  
Rasim II-2  
Chardonnay Good Times  
Carry On Singing  
Moulin Rouge TRK-DE-89-GR   Donauwind TRK-DE-65-B Pregel Tropenwald  
Donaulied vom Schimmelhof Boris  
Donau vom Schimmelhof  
Maskottchen TRK-DE-79-GR Corvin Schwärmer  
Marjana Magister  



Comments on pedigree:
His sire Polarion is highly succesful both in breeding and the sport. As a seven year old, he had already won advanced (S) level dressage competitions and became the 2000 National Trakehner Champion at the show in Cologne. Meanwhile he is successful with Markus Gribbe in World Cup Freestyles. The dam St.Pr.St Gipsy Lady, is by the Danish Champion stallion Camelot. Camelot is a son of the successful Grand Prix stallion Arsenal. Gipsy Lady is a full sister of the State Stud Moritzburg sire, Gipsy King. The granddam, St.Pr.St. Grazie II, has won many prizes in breeding and sport. She was champion mare at several broodmare shows and participated in the Bundeschampionat twice. The great grandsire Arogno is regarded as one of the trademark sires of post war Trakehner breeding. Grafenstolz comes from the Trakehner family of Gundula 509 (by Hypnos-Columbus-Czardas; Poll-H'rem). This line also produced the stallions Ginster, Grandioso, Gundo, Gunnar, Guter Planet, the licensing winner Guter Stern and Guy Laroche.

This superb blood type stallion brings everything that modern sport horse breeders are looking for; movement, scope, blood, temperament and looks.

Performances and Results:
Grafenstolz was awarded a premium at the 2000 Trakehner licensing in Neumünster as a two year old. He proved his versatile talents right from the very beginning on the sport, as a five year old winning several 1.25m level tests for showjumpers as well as medium dressage. As a six year old he made German breeding history by becoming the first horse ever to qualify for the finals of the Jumping, dressage, and Eventing in the same year. He went on to win the eventing with an average score of 9.7 out of ten. This was followed later in the same year by him winning the World Championship for young event horses in Le Lion d'Angers, France.
In 2005 as a seven year old he won his first advanced level event competition. In 2006, as an 8 year old he won the bronze medal at the German Championships in Schenefeld, then placed in two international three star competitions and won three international two star competitions. In November 2006 he received Trakehner Horse of the Year award given by the Trakehner Verband. In 2007 and 2008 he won at Compiegne. In 2007 he competed in a puissance class and cleared 2 metres or just under seven feet.

Most recently (Dec 2009) Grafenstolz competed in his first Prix St George and won it with 69%.

Strong points:
Movement, scope, looks

Performances and Results offspring:
Many of his off-spring from his first crop of foals were awarded premiums in various breeding areas. With an average score of 8.2 for his first crop, he ranked number one of all stallions in Baden-Württemberg. The Baden-Württemberg Verband awarded him a premium as a young stallion. Throughout his career he his foal and young stock have received an above average number of premiums. His oldest offspring are now seven, he has already had a German Vice Champion, and this year Vincent and Gin Tonic will go to the World Championships at Le Lion d’Angers.
Grafenstolz will suit all mares up to heavy weight, although for eventing the lighter blood type mare will produce the best results, where he will add movement, rideability and scope.

Gestüt Heinen-Bönninghardt 

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1998, 16.2 hands cm
Dark Bay


Van Deyk

Patricius xx





St.Pr.St Gipsy Lady




St.Pr.St Grazie II


 Galante V






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APH Ferrari

Purebred Trakehner Stallion 17hh

Sire: Hirte (Imp Ger)
Dam: APH Frauenschnee

He was bred by APH Performance Horses and currently has two youngsters with Australia’s top dressage rider Melinda Morris.



Highfield Vivaldi

Highfield VivaldiHighfield Vivalidi combines some of the most influential and famous bloodlines in Trakehner breeding. He is currently the only stallion in Australia with this particular pedigree.

Highfield Vivaldi is by the now deceased International Dressage Stallion Muschamp Maestro making him one of few stallions left carrying this wonderful line.









MaestroMushchamp Maestro

Graded in Neumuenster 1989

Performance Test
1991 in Warendorf
Total Index: 119.24
Dressage Index: 128.71
Jumping Index: 91.28

Maestro was not only Champion at his 100 day performance test in Germany but also Champion of his TBF Classification in the UK for Muschamp Stud.He has successfully competed at Grand Prix level Dressage in England and Germany.  His offspring have successfully competed in Grand Prix Dressage,Show Jumping and Eventing.

Maestro is from a line of classic performers.Maestros' sire Matador was by the legendary Donauwind, he himself Sire of many top FEI level Dressage and also breeding horses. This included Dr Reiner Klimke's Fabian and Olympic Gold Medallist Abdullah.

Matador was one of many classified sons by Donauwind.

On the Dam side we have a proven performer also as H.Vivaldis mum was a great athelete herself,competing at Advanced level Horse Trials before retiring to stud.She was a beautiful type being Anglo Arab and was classifiedinto the Elite Stud Book of the TBF (Trakehners Breeders Fraternity) in the UK due to her outstanding competition acheivements.





Peformance achievments-

Highfield Vivaldi scored high 7's and 8's in his ACE classification in 2006 with good marks for his jumping technique and type.

Although often mentioned in many stallion listings H.Vivaldi really does have an outstanding temperament which he most definatelypasses through to his foals,They are easy and trainable,are quality and scoopy enough for the professional but kind enough for the amatuer.He produces stock that are correct in conformation, tall and athletic making him an ideal sire to bred over most mares.

His stock in the UK are now winning in Horse Trials,Dressage and doing very well in the Show Ring.