Elegance and expression, perfect harmony of all three body parts, impressive and correct gaits.  He is "a stallion as you wish for - uncomplicated, elegant, and eager to please with a tremendous work ethic."  In 2013, Marseille competed in five riding horse competitions (3- to 4-year-olds), placing in all with three firsts and a Championship.  He completed his 30-Day Stallion Test, earning the highest score of all Trakehner stallions in Germany for 2013, including two 10's.

His sire, Prince Patmos, was the highest priced and Reserve Champion Stallion in Neumünster 2008. His Granddam is one of the last living Donauwind daughters. The illustrious EH Gribaldi is his Dam's Grandsire. His Dam line has produced Grand Prix Horses and Licensed Stallions: Mahon, Maiklang, Maizauber, Meilenstein, Mohammed and Namur.

Marseille is a large framed, impressive stallion in all aspects of his conformation with a harmonious profile in carriage - blessed with enormous elasticity, movement with alignment, amplitude and balance particularly in his ground-covering walk and uphill canter.  Not only has the Dressage discipline been laid into his cradle, but at the jump, Marseille knows to convince breeders with his phenomenal technique. In his free-jumping he shows himself with exceptional manners and tremendous jumping talent, demonstrating scope and preview.

The Trakehner Verband Breed Director Lars Gehrmann describes him at his Licensing as "impressive, harmonious and well balanced, signifigant towards his total grading as a breeding stallion."  Marseille has been contracted to Landgestüt Zweibrücken, he has been in training with Dorothea Schneider (Olympic Silver Dressage) ridden by Natalia Cherevishnya (UKR). Marseille has the honor of Licensing with PRSP (RPSI and all Southern German Breed Registries) and in 2013 competed in five Riding Horse Competitions (3-4 year old's), he was placed in all, three firsts and a Championship.

Marseille completed his 30 Day Stallion Test, earning the highest score of all Trakehner stallions tests in Germany for 2013, including two 10's. Marseille has bred a "bakers dozen" for 2014 and we eagerly anticipate his foals of Trakehner and other registries.  Born in Denmark, he is licensed in Germany and owned in the USA.  Trakehner Verband Licensed, RPSI and all S. German Warmblood Breeds



 Prince Patmos


  Patmos TRK-DE-00-CH   Friedensfürst TRK-DE-MAY-90-CH Rondo Schabernack
Frieda III Gelria
Pamir II TRK-DE-95-CH Lehndorff's Marduc
Legende IX
Patna Sterndeuter
Princie Diamond TRK-DE-94-DBR   Kostolany TRK-DE-DEC-84-BK Enrico Caruso Mahagoni
Kapstadt Falke
Pari TRK-DE-88-DB Argument Ordensglanz
Piroschka XIII Garamond

Mireille Mathieu


Cosmir TRK-DK-02-BR   Gribaldi TRK-DE-MAY-93-BK Kostolany Enrico Caruso  
Gondola II Ibikus  
Gloria VI  
Chaqueta Al Ziyadah AAR-DK-91-GR Artaxerxes Amor  
Rasim II-2  
Chardonnay Good Times  
Carry On Singing  
Moulin Rouge TRK-DE-89-GR   Donauwind TRK-DE-65-B Pregel Tropenwald  
Donaulied vom Schimmelhof Boris  
Donau vom Schimmelhof  
Maskottchen TRK-DE-79-GR Corvin Schwärmer  
Marjana Magister