Trakehner dark chesnut Hengst
born 15.12.1970
stick-measure: 164 cm

Elfenglanz by Magnet, photo: Trak.Hengstbuch
ElfenglückAnteilStern xx
ElfeAdamas ox

PROGENY:  Elfenglanz left some valuable daughters in Germany, one of whom was Serenade, who became the dam of Starway.  He also sired a number of successful sport horses in Germany, 5 of which competed to S level.  Elfenglanz also produced numerous successful competition horses in Australia.  GB Saffron (ridden by Glennis Barrey) went Grand Prix.  He has one known remaining son in Australia - Alberich who stands at APH Sporthorses.

COMMENTS:  Elfenglanz was described by the Germans as being an excellent Trakehner type with good expression and total harmony, having strong, dry legs, short barrel and a well formed neck.  His walk, trot and canter were excellent.  He was successful in Germany under Mattias Beck, competing successfully at S level.  Elfenglanz only stood for 5 yrs in Germany before being sold and exported to Australia in 1982 by the Horner family.  The Horners owned him here until he died.

Elfenglanz is from von Lenski's famous mare family of Elfe.  The original family of Elfe presents itself as one of the most influential bloodlines, having produced not only outstanding sires but also very high quality broodmares.  Dressage ability is a symbol of this bloodline.  Sires from this family are Elfenspuk, Erzsund, Eligius, Elfenprinz, Eichendorff, Ergo, Elitar and 2002 Neumunster approval champion Elfengeist.