We provide a foal in utero sales service to help people who may not be able to afford a large lump sum payment to purchase their dream horse.  This service is also beneficial to those who may want to be an early bird to ensure they obtain the foal that they would like to purchase.

Some of our mares are aging now and carry some rare bloodlines that have produced outstanding performance horses.

This service also enables you to buy a young horse without the worry of buying/leasing a mare, getting her in foal, finding some reliable (and usually expensive) to keep her and then having the worry and expensive of foaling the mare down.  We can do all of that for you!

Alexander Park is a professional, breeding establishment, where the mare receives the best treatment and breeding itself is arranged in the most controlled, horse friendly and unrestricted safe procedure.Mares are individually cared for.

Over 35 years of intensive experience and the support of most specialized and qualified horse breeding specialists. This  means that the breeder can enjoy the best possible result and can therefore avoid costly disappointments. Extremely high pregnancy rates each year.Mare agistment provided, while breeding.