AP Meistersohn at his first Dressage Competition

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On the weekend, the lovely AP Meistersohn competed at the Serpentine Dressage Day.  This was his first dressage competition since being backed last June and his first outing since coming back into work a month ago.

His owner, Dorothy Roe, gave us a little update of the event;

"The first 3 marks were 7s and then we had our canter so they fell off a bit( 6s and a 5). However then back to 7s for the walk section and trot work. Then the canter and 5s and up the centre line was a bit wobbly - 6.  All up though he scored 64.4% and out of 35 he came about 8th or 10th. ( They took AGES to do the scoring). 7 for his paces with the comment that "Horse has lovely paces' and 6s for the other 2. (I got 7 for riding)  So, considering I've never ridden him at anything so 'big' he was a star!  Once he relaxes and loses the 'whizzy' excitement for canter (both double scores) he should be right up there."

We wish Dee and Snowy all the luck for the future and look forward to seeing them out on the eventing circuit later this year.

Photos: RedFoto