Young Horse Agistment

 Professional and personalized supervision
  •  Spacious and safe paddocks
  •  Natural herd environment beneficial to physical and mental development
  •  Personalised dietary management 
  •  Daily handling and health management
  • For a horse to achieve its full potential as a sport or riding horse, full time professional management is essential in its formative years. The first year of a foal’s life in particular is one of the most important for its physical and mental development. Special attention must be given to the foals nutritional requirements as well as general health requirements.

    With over 30 years experience, Alexander Parkoffers the ideal environment and infrastructure for a great “childhood” for foals which is imperative for a successful and healthy life as an adult sporthorse.

    With large, newly fenced paddocks, that are well maintained, the space enables the horses to live a free and natural herd life that facilitates the natural strengthening of muscles and development of the body structure.

    The daily supervision of each and every horse is guaranteed with this approach too. We perform daily health management, regular worming, basic medical treatment including vaccination and organise regular hoof maintenance. If there is a health issue we work together with two approved Vet clinics in our area.

    The "nursery" is where weanlings are kept in either the filly herd or the colt herd and provides a very natural and very important social school which is fundamental to positive behavioral development. This environment is the basis for good mental health and character development with our ultimate aim to produce a happy healthy horse.

    Our specialist care ensures the best possible start to life for your four legged friend and partner in your chosen riding pursuits.

    If you have any questions or would like to arange a visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.