13 May 2013 - Trakehner action from last weekend: Marbach CIC***/*, Galway Downs International and dressage in Kurtscheid, GER

The International Horse Trials in Marbach, Germany, are among the most scenic and beautiful events in Europe. Staged at the famous State Stud of Baden-Württemberg with its rich history of Trakehner greatness (e.g. Julmond and Pregel were stationed here), it is only fitting that both major events of the weekend were won by Trakehners. Ingrid Klimke rode Tabasco TSF (Heraldik xx - Heling) to a first place finish in a strong field of 62 competitors. In the same division, Friederike Tophoff-Kaup placed Lady You TSF(Houston - Solo xx) on 12th position. Interestingly, this mare"s dam, Lady Solo, won the Trakehner Race in Mannheim two years in a row!

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Ingrid Klimke's helm cam on course with Tabasco TSF. Listen carefully, and you'll hear her complimenting her horse after each jump!!

The CIC* was also a Trakehner affair. Michael Jung again won a CIC* aboard the approved Der Dante (Stravinsky xx - E.H. Hohenstein) and was closely followed by his student, Swiss Felix Vogg on the formerly approved Glenn Grant (E.H. Buddenbrock - E.H. Consul). No less than 7 Trakehners were spotted on the final victory round in this division!! Falk-Filip-Finn Westerich and Helena (Grafenstolz TSF - Pageno xx) placed 6th overall, fowlloed by Kerstin Annika Elsäßer and her Rhineland-branded part Trakehner mare Saphira (dam by E.H. Herzruf) on 9th place. Elmar Lesch, a member of the Trakehner stallion approval committee and the Bavarian-branded Prosecco (by E.H. Parforce) placed 10th. Swiss Clemens Santschi and Koenigspoker (Poker E - Frontal xx) placed 11th and Alfred Bierlein with the former NMS stallion candidate Indurain (Houston - E.H. Arogno) placed 15th.

In the second CIC* division, Sophia-Marie Stölzle and the Baden-Württemberg branded FBW Gin-Tonic (by Grafenstolz TSF placed 9th, and Julia Kappel and her Bavarian-branded, yet purebred Trakehner Twister (Tantriko xx - Hallodri) placed 13th. Jan Matthias placed Granulin (Grafenstolz TSF - Pageno xx) on 15th position - this horse is a full brother to the above mentioned Helena. And Swiss Tamara Acklin closed the list of placed horses with the former Top Eventers Auction highlight Light of Polaris (Grand Prix - Bouquet AA) on 16th position.

And to really top it off - even the CCIP* (a CCI* for ponies) saw Trakehner action. 2nd placed Camissa Nera is a daughter of E.H. Caprimond, and was ridden by Leonie Leuwer.

On the other side of the world in Temecula, California, the Galway Downs Spring Event was underway. The Open Intermeidate division was won by Harry Houdini *Pb*(Tzigane *Pb* - E.H. Münchhausen TSF) with Sara Mittleider. The pair finished on their dressage score of 31.2 points.

In Kurtscheid, Germany, a number of Trakehners showed up in the rankings for various dressage classes. The approved Finckenstein (E.H. Latimer - Kennedy) and Rikke Svane (DEN) won the Inter II and placed 2nd in the Grand Prix. Also approved, Lord Luciano (Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* - Unkenruf *Pg*E*) and Terhi Stegars (FIN) placed 5th in the Grand Prix. In the Inter I Freestyle, Mon Baron TSF (E.H. Münchhausen TSF - E.H. Herzruf) and Willi Feltes placed 3rd, followed on 6th position by In Vita (E.H. Buddenbrock - Kennedy) with Veronique Walentiny and a 9th place for Bernardo (E.H. Caprimond – Flake) with Dr. Brittas Rathje. In the M** division, Iselle (E.H. Münchhausen – Velasquez) and Ann-Christin Camp placed 4th. In the S dressage class, the same pair also placed 5th, followed by a 6th place for Ornamento (Albarrano – Aspirant) with Jutta Zimmerman.

Source: Trakehners International

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