Central Mare inspections in Lower-Saxony North/West, East Germany South and North

16th May 2013

Here are the results from the last three Central Mare Inspections in Germany, held in the two Eastern breeding districts as well as the Western district of Lower-Saxony North/West (around Bremen). We want to thank Stephan Bischoff for his wonderful images from Lower-Saxony.

In Lower-Saxony NW, the best mare of the show was not the Champion. Per rules, the Champion mare has to be born in that respective breeding district, and in 2013, the Champion mare was not also the best mare of the show. That honor went to the Imperio - E.H. Connery daughter Goodtimes, bred by the Poll family, who scored 59 points total (8/8/7.5/8,10,9/8.5). Champion mare was Angelina Jolie by Imperio with a total of 56.5 points. The Reserve Champion was Inside by Krokant with 55.5 points total. Other premium candidates included In Freiheit by E.H. Buddenbrock, Rihanna by E.H. Connery, Kronlilie by E.H. Gribaldi, and Greta by Oliver Twist. The best 4yr old and older mare was Pasion Perpetua by Kaiserkult TSF.

Best mare of the show Goodtimes

Champion mare Angelina Jolie

Reserve Champion Inside

Premium mare Kronlilie

In the East German breeding district "North", the Central Mare Inspection was held at Gestüt Ganschow. Here, the Champion mare was Une Gribaldi by E.H. Gribaldi with a total score of 55.5 points (9,8,7/8,8,7.5/8). The Reserve Champion mare was Ildika by E.H. Hohenstein. The best 3yr old jumper mare was Polarlys by Syriano, and premium candidates are now Daronita by Dramatiker, Belladonna by Karl Lagerfeld, Sawadika by E.H. Münchhausen TSF and Helena by Syriano. The best 4yr old and older titel went to two mares: Urania by E.H. King Arthur TSF and Tangente by Imperio.

In East Germany "South", an inspection held in Moritzburg at the State Stud, the new Champion mare was Alte Zeit by Le Rouge with a total score of 55 points (8.5,8,7/7.5,8.5,7.5/8). Reserve Champion was Oreade by Freudenfest - Prince Thatch xx with a total of 55 points as well. Other premium candidates were Hasira HS by Karl Lagerfeld, Cera by E.H. Axis TSF, Bellina by E.H. Biotop, Sassicaia by Handryk, Overgirl by Pricolino and Gardemaß by Shavalou. The best 4yr old and older mare wasKendra by Freudenfest - Exclusiv and three new premium candidates also came from this group: Ostera by Imperio, Windlicht by Lichtblick TSF and Fleurette by Herzog von Nassau.

Source: Trakehners International